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Pride Property is a Veteran owned company and I am proud to have served our country. I am one of only two Certified Master Inspectors in all of southern Arizona. I’m also a part-107 drone pilot. I founded Pride Property Inspections in 2004 with the intention of demystifying the property-inspection experience. I have 40 years in remodeling and the housing industry. Including the last 17 years of just doing full time inspections, with thousands of inspections completed. During my residential and commercial inspections across the Southwest, I aim to educate my clients so they understand the exact state of their properties. Nothing escapes my eye — I call attention to everything from small hazards to major structural defects. Empowering our clients with the knowledge to make their homes safer is our greatest joy. You won’t just buy and sell with confidence. You’ll buy and sell with Pride.



I belong to NACHI and these are the Ethics and Standards that I have to follow while inspecting your house.


I can not and will not try to sell you anything, I do not profit from finding concerns. I can not and will not do repairs. I am merely there to help you make a more educated decision.

We are the company that Realtors call when they want their house or their relative’s houses inspected.

Think R.O.I. – Inspections have a Huge Return and are a Great Negotiating Tool.

Inspections and reports are only as good as the inspector behind them.

I go the extra mile and found that its not too crowded.

I take pride in my inspections and perform them thoroughly and with integrity.

I cant afford to buy cheap is especially true with inspections.

Wow, very thorough! Much more thorough than the other inspectors.

99% of the time I find more issues/cost of repairs than my inspection fee, which in turn helps you make an informed decision.

“A good home inspector is not expensive, he’s priceless!”

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